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The HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)/Princeton University Molecular Biology Outreach Program engages high school teachers and students in genuine research and thereby ignites a passion and thirst for discovery. The following are the core components of the program:

  • Teacher Summer Workshop - This program offers a successful two-week summer workshop for high school science teachers. The program responds to high school teachers' desire for a more direct role in developing new laboratory experiments. Guided by two themes, each chosen based on extensive teacher input ("Fluorescent Proteins" and "The Hunt for the Super-Rhizobium"), workshop participants design experiments, create complementary curricula, and disseminate the results as widely as practicable. The program hopes to help connect the high school science classroom to both current research and global issues.
  • Satellite Learning Centers - The program also provides Satellite Learning Centers for after school workshops for science teachers. Satellite Centers provide training, loaner laboratory equipment and inspiration. Teachers may order loaner kits or borrow equipment for their classroom experience.
  • The Science EXPO– Middle school students are invited to attend the Science and Engineering Expo for a day in March to become young scientists and engineers. Exploration and discovery guides them through the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering at four expo sites. Demonstrations, hands-on activities and lunch in the dining hall provide the total experience of a day as a college student.
  • TIGER Talks - Secondary school students are invited to attend the TIGER (Topics in Genetic Engineering Research) Talks to share the excitement of cutting edge research with them. TIGER Talks seminar series immerses students in the passion of exploration. While learning about an area of active investigation, they will understand what drives the research and researcher.
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