Satellite Learning Centers

The Satellite Learning Center program will no longer be supported due to loss of NIH and HHMI funding.

Thanks to all the dedicated and amazing teachers who inspire their students every day!

And more!

I would not have the confidence to do these molecular biology labs without your workshops!"

Appreciate extended support post-workshop. Students are so excited when they have opportunity to engage in 'real' science with 'real' equipment."

Our school budget is constantly being cut. Being able to borrow equipment and kits allows us to really excite students about going into the sciences – especially genetics. The workshops provide us with training and ultimately the confidence to do these labs with students."

These labs show hands-on what textbooks illustrate – they are essential for students to see."

This is tremendously helpful to let us keep growing and bringing new ideas to class that work and are worthwhile. It also gives us a chance to network which we definitely need to do."

This is very valuable because the equipment is expensive and it would take many years to accumulate enough for a valuable class experience. Without funding for workshops, equipment and labs, my students wouldn't be exposed to this technology."

The workshops really help build my confidence with the biotechnology techniques. The information gained from the presenters and other teachers is very valuable."