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One thousand area middle school students take over the Princeton campus for a day in March to become young scientists and engineers as Princeton hosts the annual Science and Engineering Expo. Exploration and discovery guide them through the fields of astrophysics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience, genomics, ecology and evolutionary biology and engineering. In the Carl Icahn atrium, exploration stations stretch as far as the eye can see and topics range from global challenges of malaria and infectious viruses to bacterial communication. Students always swarm the sheep brain dissection station. They eagerly don aprons, gloves and goggles and slice into the brains with guidance from the Molecular Biology graduate student outreach group. The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed group enthusiastically share stream water quality and conservation methods with excited crowds. Fisher Scientific staff demonstrates frog dissection to spellbound students. Visiting students compared zebrafish embryo mutants and learned Drosophila genetics with games. From the Carl Icahn Expo site students continued on to three other Expo sites on campus and were astounded with explosive demonstrations in physics and chemistry and hands-on exploration stations hosted by astrophysics. Demonstrations, hands-on activities and lunch in the student dining hall provide the total experience of a day as a college student.

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  • HHMI & Center for Quantitative Biology with funding from NIGMS

School Districts That Joined Us Are

  • West Windsor-Plainsboro 
  • Princeton 
  • Montgomery 
  • Cranbury
  • Dunellen
  • Bridge Academy, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • America Boychoir School, Princeton, NJ

What do Students Say about Science EXPO

The Expo changed my perspective on learning science in a whole new way... It made learning science seem fun..."

To me biology was just a study of cells and microorganisms. Physics was just about light and gravity. Lastly, chemistry was just about mixing elements together. Now after this visit to Princeton, I got a whole new perspective upon these three subjects. There's a whole other world of science out there and we got to experience some of it at this Expo."

The science trip was more than I'd ever expected it to be. I have to admit that I had thought the trip would be tedious and full of people talking in a monotonous way. Instead, I felt as if we'd embarked on a journey that would make the kids on the 'Magic School bus' jealous. The experience I had was remarkable and it really opened my eyes to the wonders of science and how it connected throughout our daily lives. Just the simple fruit fly can be studied to benefit our society. That is something that I found to be just astonishing. Now that I have had the honor to attend the science expo, I feel as if my entire attitude towards science has changed. Before, I believed it to be a class full of lectures and boring numbers, but now, I realize that science fits in with the larger picture of life in general. This trip has allowed me to reconsider my interests, and I believe that without this experience, I'd never had understood or enjoyed science as much as I do now."

I think that the expo has completely changed my view of science. I used to think it was boring and dull. But now that I have seen what you can do with it I like science."

This experience has led me to think that science is more than just paper and pencil. It showed me science is very enjoyable and it can be exciting."

I thought science is very hard and boring stuff. But, today I realized it's pretty cool."

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