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TIGER Talks will no longer be supported due to loss of HHMI funding.

Thanks to all the dedicated and amazing teachers who inspire their students every day!

Bring your students to Princeton and share the excitement of cutting-edge research with them. Our TIGER (Topics in Genetic Engineering Research) Talks seminar series immerses secondary students in the passion of exploration. While learning about an area of active investigation, they will understand what drives the research and the researcher.

What do Teachers Say about Tiger Talks?

On Ginger Zakian's Tiger Talk:

I believe that Tiger Talk is valuable because not only is it very informational, the lecture shows students, especially females, that it is possible to be a scientist and have a family. Many females today think that there is no time to settle down and have kids while juggling a career but you showed us that it's doable."

The wealth of knowledge that I took away from your presentation cannot be matched by anything that I may or may not have learned in class. As an AP Bio student, I have the desire to learn about the subject, but our class only covers topics needed to know to pass the AP Exam. So when I was presented with an opportunity to learn more about a subject I cared deeply about from a well-respected and prolific doctor in the field, I was more than excited."

When you started talking about your family and how it was possible to have kids and be a scientist and a woman, I found it to be quite inspirational. Just working hard and following what you love to do is definitely something which I plan to follow, and it worked for you."

On Bonnie Bassler's Tiger Talk:

Thank you for inviting me to attend the Tiger Talk - it was my first. I enjoyed the topic (new to me) and being in such a high-energy learning environment. Dr. Bassler's personality and love of her work were inspiring to the high school students in attendance and to the adults. As high school teachers, we are cocooned in our schools and rarely get glimpses of the university science that wooed us back in the day."

Thank you for another outstanding TIGER Talk. My students were mesmerized by Professor Bassler and her research on bacteria communication. She spoke directly to them and on their level. Her friendly personality along with her passion for science inspired them to learn more about the study of bacteria, when they returned to school. My students three days later are still discussing her video and glow in the dark bacteria. I have been attending TIGER Talks for eight years. I now have students that attend Princeton as undergraduates. These students were motivated to study science because of these lectures. On Tuesday night I had two of these Princeton undergraduates and TIGER Talk alumni join my group. They are still interested in learning more from the researchers and eagerly await the biannual dates. TIGER Talks has created life long learners."

They really took fondly to the idea that science is not done being written. That advances take place every day, and at the heart of it is curiosity. Most every kid was surprised at the complexity and the down right awesomeness of bacteria."

On Oscar Schofield's Tiger Talk:

I have to say that it was one of the best lectures I have attended. Dr. Schofield was a great speaker and did not present material that was over-the-head of the students. I enjoyed his presentation and felt that it was valuable lesson to our youth about the effects of climate change on our planet."

Absolutely loved the talk! Dr. Schofield was informative, humorous and gave a nice balance between his research methods, biology content and life as a scientist."

I had the fanatastic oppurtunity to come to the most recent Tiger Talk, and I was incredibly impressed. The campus was breath taking and I enjoyed my time adventuring through around the buildings, and eating on Nassau St. When I arrived at the lecture, I was greated by a group of very friendly folk, and found a seat close to the stage. Once the lecture began, I knew it would be very interesting. I have always been very fascinated by marine biology, so this lecture was quite pertinent to my interests. The videos of calving glaciers was neat, but also saddening at the same time to see nature literally falling apart. The video of the penguins was also really neat to watch. Dr. Oscar Schofield was very personable, and I enjoyed his quirky humor mixed in with his vast knowledge."

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