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How the Leopard Got Its Spots

Wed, Nov 17, 2004
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Edward CoxDR. TED COX
Professor of Molecular Biology


Waiting to Start
The Human Computer
The Human Computer2
Ted Speaking
Finding the Answers

The Mathematics of Animal Coat Patterns

Modeling Pigmentation Patterns

How the Leopard Got Its Spots

The Human Computer
Spatial Patterning and lateral inhibition
Take a coin and flip it.
If it’s: Heads, stand up.  Tails, remain seated
If you are standing, you are expressing A in high quantities. If you are sitting, you are not.

Those of you making protein A (standing) are also emitting another substance,
I which inhibits your neighboring cells from expressing A.

When I say “go”
- if your two neighbors are standing…. You must sit down
- if your two neighbors are sitting….  You must stand up
- if one neighbor is standing and the other sitting… You choose

  …local rules lead to the emergence of a global pattern!

Ted's Presentation

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